Meet the Team

Ben Dobson

Graphic Designer/Illustrator

Scott Walker

Digital Media Expert/Graphic Designer

James Humphreys

Software Engineer

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Our Family

Well, what can we say...we have a little bit of everything.

A mixture of researchers, designers, illustrators and software engineers. All fresh faced and passionate about each project as a whole as well as their individual fields.

The team at PxlPie is packed full of talent, knowledge and the hard work that is needed to make any project a success. We know what it takes to make you a hit so allow us to introduce ourselves...(please select)

Ben Dobson

Fresh faced designer and the perfectionist of the group. With a wide range of skills from brand identity to illustration, he is sure to cater for whatever needs the client has. Ben loves nothing more than to give any business an identity and his drawing ability allows him to tailor make for any field. Generic logos are a no no to this man! His eye for detail is bound to ensure complete satisfaction. Bens love for the arts started from a very young age and his drawings certainly show that.

Education: BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Hero: David Brent

Scott Walker

Every brief received is his baby! Scott has developed a passion for research, marketing strategies and design over the past ten years. For every project from initial concept to final delivery, he has his fine tooth comb at hand. With an understanding of what strategy would be best in order to get the best out of your business and the ability to work to high level of design, Scott thrives on working with the rest of the time and loves nothing more than seeing the complete product.

Education: BA (Hons) Design Futures

Hero: Rick Astley

James Humphreys

The computer whiz! James grew up using a motherboard as teething ring. What he doesn’t know about computers and programming isn’t worth knowing. His role in the group is to bring the magic together. With his extensive knowledge of web design, anything the design team creates can be brought to life in an instant. Some say he doesn’t speak English and only understands Binary Code. We would like to take this opportunity to dismiss these rumours, he can be as human as me and times.

Education: BSc (Hons) Computer Science

Hero: R2-D2