About Us

Hello There!

Welcome to the home of PxlPie! Here you will be able to purchase a ticket to the next stage of your journey to the top.

We thrive on providing professional, effective solutions for any aspect of your business you feel needs improving. From your logo and website to promotional material, we are sure to provide you with a high quality outcome that will bring your business into a whole new light as well as stand out from your existing competition. Why not even treat yourself to a shiny new mobile phone site.

New to the game??...Look no further. We are more than willing to help you on your way and give you all the materials needed to get your name out there. This will be the most important period your business is ever likely to have and shouldn’t be taken lightly. So tell us about yourselves, sit back and we’ll take it from there!

Any field can be catered for as we pride ourselves on researching our clients, enabling us to gain a valuable insight into what you represent and who your existing and potential target audience are. They deserve the best from your company!

We can only judge our success to that of your business!

...this could be the start of a beautiful relationship (please don’t be scared)